Starting A Breakdown Recovery Business

Starting up your own, new business is always a daunting prospect – the most daunting of which being a business where the majority of the work has to come to you. It’s not necessarily always the case with a breakdown recovery service, but it’s knowing where to start, and building a reputation that is the first hurdle with such a role. Before going overboard with advertising and promoting, it’s key to make sure you’re prepared – you have a vehicle, a company name, the right licence and your wits about you, and your business head on.

Ensuring you can legally operate the vehicle you’re looking to use goes without saying as the number one rule of having a breakdown recovery business. With vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, you don’t necessarily need a special licence to drive them, but when taking into consideration the weight of a car on your usually-2-tonne vehicle, you’re going to be pushing close to 3.5 tonnes, so maybe getting a C1 licence – which allows you to drive vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tonnes – is worthwhile. Bear in mind that tachometers become a requirement around that sort of vehicle weight though.

One Sure Insurance advise that clients take out a motor trader policy when starting a recovery business; as it protects both your vehicle and your clients vehicle, but more on this later. Let’s get back to building your business first.

Going back to “the work has to come to you” and that not necessarily being the case – when starting up and trying to make a name for yourself, there is always the option of contacting, and even visiting local businesses to see how you could assist them with jobs other than simply vehicle recovery. A lot of businesses hire people to move stock vehicles around, and move vehicles between locations, so there is definitely an avenue to be explored there if business seems slow.

Getting the correct insurance cover will give you peace of mind while on the job – it’s a much understated fact in the industry that most people sometimes don’t even consider. Motor Trade insurance can provide good cover on your vehicle as it is a business, but you’ll need to guarantee that customer vehicles are covered by your insurance too, so you can tow them.

Once you have all of that, and know your way around the job, you can look at advertising, whether it be online, with local garages or in local papers and magazines. All else that’s left to do is see if you can find somewhere to store your vehicle (or vehicles) and keep on top of maintaining it. As with many businesses getting started, it’s a case of making sure you’re organised and doing things properly – do your research into different licences if you’re looking to branch out further and be prepared.

5 Top Vancouver Real Estate Marketing Tools


A lot of West Vancouver real estate agents wonder which of the marketing tools can be considered to be the best for real estate promotional purposes. This is especially the case with newbie agents, who have entered the market only sometime ago. Here are 5 of the best tools that you can use for promoting your Vancouver Real Estate properties.

Real Estate Website

There are hundreds of home buyers and sellers, and the internet is a veritable source of information for real estate properties. A real estate website is undoubtedly the first and foremost step to find an audience and connect with property investors, buyers and sellers. In this day and age, a real estate website is indispensable – and it can be connected to official social networking accounts associated to your real estate business.

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Real Estate Blog

These are almost as important as websites, and can provide your business with higher amount of visibility. You have to publish high quality, informative content to your blog regularly and enhance your online presence with ease. With regular content, you can establish your business as an authority and make yourself a saleable name. It is one of the best marketing mediums to promote real estate businesses.

Real Estate Postcards

Although many real estate agents tend to use obsolete postcard marketing strategies, the medium can garner a lot of rewards itself. For many years, these have been a trustworthy marketing medium. These are extremely effectual, particularly when you integrate them with some marketing mediums. You can showcase attractive Vancouver Real Estate properties with appealing and elaborate images and get customers interested in them very easily.

Home-Buying Seminars

These are amazing in benefits, and you can get in touch with potential customers, mortgage lenders and many other realtors. These seminars are generally held at a banquet room, a community center or a local library. You can create stylish slideshows and PowerPoint presentations or even give lectures to groups of interested consumers. You can come in contact with many local realtors who are in search of new clients and form relationships with potential clients.

Client Referrals

Any business derives great benefits from client referrals, and this is not an exception when it comes to the real estate industry. Referral is a very strong marketing tool, and works due to the strength of goodwill. Referrals and recommendations are a sign of goodwill and encourage other people to shed their fears and go for your business.

5 Tips To Help Realtors Market Themselves Better

Most realtor talent goes undiscovered because they just do not market themselves well. Unless the people know you exist, how are they ever going to reach you to get maximum benefits from your services?

Thankfully Vancouver offers a variety of ways in which you can let the world know you have arrived. There are plenty of ways to choose fro but some are more expensive than others while some others take more planning. You take your pick according to what you feel will work you.

Here are some strategies that work for million others; there is no reason why it won’t for you.

The Mighty Social Media

There is just no other medium as impressive and as strong as the social media platform. It not only reaches millions of people, everyone actually takes interest and does what is needed to be done. the social media will give you the chance to describe your talents and show how you work.

This can be done through making a group, sharing pictures and videos or simply making a page where you want to post all the important information about what you are doing.

This medium really helps people take note.



As 1990s it may sound, it still works very well. Everyone in the town uses taxies and so they will obviously notice the advertisements there. Having yourself advertised on a taxi will cost you less but the whole town will know about you and what you do.

The Old Scholl Business Cards

It is an old school technique of distributing business cards amongst clients, associates, and other partners. It helps people remember you if they have your information with them. It is a very old school method but it still works.

Events and Parties

Organizing events and parties for your professional circle and calling some known clients and their friends and family will have you known. Also a well conducted party will show how you are good at handling things. With these evidences, clients will be more comfortable putting their faith in you.

Paid Advertisements

Many websites that are famous get a lot of views daily. If you are found on them on the advertisement column, it will help promote your business.

These are just some of the ways that can help you let the clients know that you exist. Letting people know that you do a job well is as important as doing your job well.


Why A Realtor Should Know All Real Estate Websites

Recent studies and surveys have shown that most buyers or sellers looking for realty services prefer doing so online. This has many reasons but most of it is due to the fact that online searches are convenient as compared to going into the market and looking for offices.

This convenience and instant accessibility are the main reason that every client wants to meet a realtor online. When a customer is looking for a professional, they also like to know about their past work and what they have for the offering.

This is the very reason why real estate websites are good for realtors. It is a very easy and convenient way of getting to your clients, letting them know you and showcasing your talents.

SEO Strategies

When looking for a website, look for the one that is high on search engine optimization. You need maximum traffic to come to a real estate website so that then more and more people can avail the given services. A website that is designed with advanced pattern and understands SEO is sure to get these results.

A website will be a strong platform to let the customers know what all can be bought and how many options are available. This wins the trust of the customers. When they know that all terms and conditions are clear and everything is out there to discuss and go through, the approach becomes much easier.

There is no better way of bridging the gap between the service providers and the users than a website.

Interactive Platform

Some websites have chat rooms and other interactive platforms where the clients can chat and talk to the realtors. This makes for a good working relationship as the buyers or the sellers can pose all their queries. Also it helps establish a relationship even before you start working together. If the conversations go well and both the parties seem to agree, a meeting can be arranged; else both can go their separate ways without any damage at all. In real life interactions, this is not the case.

Also on all the online platforms like websites, realtors can meet more clients and understand the needs of a variety of people. This helps with increasing your knowledge and understanding of the market and what is trending.

At all times, an online platform like a website is a smart idea because it helps you understand the competition better and prepare accordingly.


How to Market Yourself as a People’s Person Realtor

The world has reached a stage where blind trust has no place. People know that the cheating culture exists and so they are always on the lookout. This is all the more true for real estate industry. It is a good practice though to be guarded so that no one can fool you but this has left most people over cautious. This is not good for realtors who are just entering the arena.

People are unforgiving with even the slightest errors of judgment and do not trust anyone who falls short on their promises. In the competitive world of real estate, the only way forward is through being charming and friendly and then to back it all up with evidence.

Here are a few tips that Eddie Yan recommends to live by:

  1. A positive attitude: This is extremely important. Whenever you want to succeed at anything, the first step is to believe that you will make it big. This will motivate you to think beyond just the numbers. Money is a huge reward and motivation but to have other goals always enriches your work completely.
  1. Mean Business: Do not ramble and tell things as they are but creatively. Your focus should be to try and find out what your customers are looking for. If they want you look for a house in a certain price range, get them the best option possible. Once you get at doing things well, it will no more look cumbersome or difficult. This will add to your reputation.
  1. Do Not Over Advertise: Though it is good to talk about your achievements and what you can get to the table but do not go overboard with exaggeration. To a level it is allowed and even needed in certain circumstance but do not make promises that you are sure will be difficult to keep. Give a real and practical picture to your clients so that they trust your word in the future.
  1. A good track record: Even if you have struck just one deal so far, let it be done in the best possible way. All happy clients are likely to refer someone to you. So more happy clients mean more business.

At all times, self belief and hard work go a long way in determining where you will stand in the future. Real estate is no different. It is governed by profit and an ability to make maximum money but that by no means should mean compromising on quality of service.